Application Process

Application Process:

  1. Send an application request email to  
  2. Veteran Liaison Amanda Stoner will respond to your application request by the following business day.  
  3. Complete the application in its entirety and return (at this time, only  electronic copies of the application are available)
  4. Your application will be reviewed by Veteran Liaison Amanda Stoner and Executive Director Michelle Dunlap.  
  5. You’ll receive a response regarding your application within five business days (exceptions include holidays and major events).
  6. Upon approval of your application, we’ll request a meeting with you and your family (and your dog, if applicable) with Veteran Liaison Amanda Stoner, Executive Director Michelle Dunlap, and a member of our Veteran Handler Team.  If you have a dog who meets our criteria, this meeting also serves as the evaluation of your dog’s potential for service dog training.
  7. Following the interview, our team will conduct an After Action Review, and will respond to you within five business days.  
  8. Once you are approved to enroll in our training program, we will contact area rescue groups and prison-dog programs to introduce you to potential matches. *
    1. You and your family will be introduced to dogs who fit your lifestyle and meet our criteria for potential service dog training.*  
    2. You and your family will choose a dog to adopt from the rescue group/prison-dog program.  A home visit is required by SDP staff.*
    3. Training will begin approximately two weeks after adoption to allow for adaptation into your home.*
  9. If your dog is approved for service dog training, we will begin training within one week of approval. A home visit is required by SDP staff.   

* Applicable only to veterans who have yet to acquire their own dog for training.

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